I’m not sure when it happened, but one day I realized: It’s time.

Quietly, life had been changing. All in good ways. And then it hit me broadside: I’m free. Free to pursue a passion—to chase dreams I put off while keeping other promises. Free to explore, to learn, to kick up my heels … or to work my heart out, if that’s what makes me happy.

You know what? I might just do it all.

And why not? It’s finally my time. Sure, I checked all the boxes and did all the things I was supposed to do. I was count-on-able. Respectable. Maybe a little predictable. That’s OK. It was great. I wouldn’t have missed that part of my life for the world.

But now the person who most needs my attention is me. What am I about? What big questions do I still want to answer? What parts of me are hoping to get out and just….run?

Here’s the thing: At this point, I want to get up every day knowing life is for me. Like, school’s out, my friend. This is life on my terms. And on my terms, I want to live life more.


So forgive me if I don’t give a toss about certain things I used to worry over—like mortgages, gutter cleaning, mowing the lawn, keeping up with the Joneses. Thank you and goodbye to all that.

I’d rather use my time now to meet new people and make new friends. I’m open to adventures…conversations…and experiences I haven’t had. I want to investigate different perspectives. It’s time, for heaven’s sake. If not now, when?

So please join me here, in this blog. I’m planning to talk with people who are writing new chapters in their story. I’m going to be investigating local experiences that I hope will broaden my horizons. I want to see what it means to live life more.

Here’s my rally cry: Yes, life has been good… and the best is yet to come.