There’s a lot to see and experience out there. What are you waiting for?

There’s a lot of reasons to travel – and sometimes we give ourselves even more excuses not to – but we’re taking inspiration from Linda Malys Yore. You may know her by her Instagram handle and blog moniker, Linda on the Run, as she’s garnered quite an armchair following on her travels. She’s seemingly always on the run – sometimes literally – and seeks to inspire others to find the courage and time to prioritize seeing vast reaches of the world. In the two years since going live with her blog and social media accounts, Linda has visited 10 countries and has documented tips on packing, how to travel on a budget, and must-see sites around the globe. Part of her motive is to help break the barrier to travel felt by many people in her generation, which is not a new act for her. Years ago, with two young daughters, she and her (now) ex-husband bought a 40-foot RV and traveled the country for months at a time. That experience still inspires the way she approaches travel today. “You learn that you don’t need all the things you think you need. You learn to live with less and appreciate it more.” That sentiment may sound familiar if you’re a recent empty nester or if you find yourself valuing experiences over objects more and more.

We’re taking notes from a recent piece published on Insider about Linda and appreciating our flexible lifestyle at EVOQ Town Flats (thanks to no mortgage or maintenance) even more! Get more inspiration for yourself at and be sure to follow us (& Linda) on social media!